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There are 6568 works of art in this category

Madonna in Glory (The Immaculate Conception)

Fetti, Domenico. 1588/89-1623

View of the Environs of Brussels

Teniers, David II. 1610-1690

Young Cook in the Kitchen

Bail, Joseph. 1862-1921


Weaver's Family

Bega, Cornelis Pietersz. 1631/32-1664

Arcadian landscape with Nymphs Resting

Glauber, Johannes. 1646-c. 1726

Allegory of the Christian Church

Allori, Alessandro. 1535-1607

Portrait of General-Lieutenant F.F. Beger

Goravsky, Apollinary. 1833-1900

Portrait of Alexander I. Ostermann-Tolstoy (1771-1857)

Dawe, George. 1781-1829

Portrait of Princess Natalia Golitsyna

Halt of Horsemen in a Forest

Snayers, Pieter. 1592-after 1666

Lion Hunt in Morocco

Delacroix, Eugène. 1798-1863

Portrait of Alexander F. Langeron (1763-1831)

Dawe, George. 1781-1829

Icon: St Nicholas with a Deisis and Selected Saints

Portrait of Count Mikhail S. Vorontsov (1782-1856)

Lawrence, Sir Thomas. 1769-1830

"Portrait of Grigory Dushin"

Mazel, Ruvim (Ilya). 1890-1967


There are 3819 works of art in this category

Trumpeter and Private of the Guards Cavalry Regiment of the Turkish Troops

Drawing of a Diadem, Necklace and Two Cut Diamond, Ruby and Pearl Earrings

Bolin, Carl Eduard. 1805-1864

Interiors of the New Hermitage. The Study of Italian Art

Hau, Edward. 1807-1887

Design of a Pedestal for a Clock

Oppenort, Gilles-Marie. 1672-1742

View of the Seine from Pont Neuf, Paris

Rigaud, Jacques, circa 1680-1754

Young Woman Seated in an Armchair

Greuze, Jean-Baptiste. 1725-1805

Landscape with a Bowed Tree

Thomas de Thomon, Jean Francois. 1760-1813

Study of a Woman's Head

Watteau, Antoine. 1684-1721

Interiors of the Winter Palace. The St George's Hall

Ukhtomsky, Konstantin. 1818-1881


Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Allegory of Russia, Guarded by Archangel Michael

View of the Winter Garden of Tavrichesky Palace

Danilov, Fyodor. Active-c. 1791

Drawing on Reproduction. 1365

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007


Dombasle, Raoul de. 1869-1918

Hermit in Mountains

Fohr, Carl Philipp. 1795-1818

Series: Curtains, 17 pcs. Untitled/"Curtains"-14

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007


There are 213 works of art in this category

Miniature: Portrait of a Man from a Family of Sukhovo-Kobylin

Zatsepin, Mikhail. 1786-after 1847

Miniature: Portrait of N.I.Shepelev

Zatsepin, Mikhail. 1786-after 1847

Miniature: Six Portraits of Members of the Bourbon Dynasty


European Landscape

Ali-Quli ibn Muhammad

Portrait of Frederick I (1676-1751), King of Sweden

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of a man with a Book

Aqa Bala

Procession with the Participation of Emperor Akbar II

Miniature with a Portrait of Emperor Akbar II

Portrait of Emperor Alexander I

Benner, Jean-Henri. 1776-1836

Portrait of Infantry General Count M.A.Miloradovich

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of Major-General R.E. Renny

Pinchon, Jean-Antoine (?). 1772-1850

Miniature: Portrait of Grand Princess Alexander Pavlovich and Konstantin Pavlovich as Children


Frame with Views of Architecture and Portraits: Miniature Depicting Portrait of Mumtaz-i-Mahal

Miniature: Portrait of Frederick III Elector of Brandenburg

Huaud, Amy, attributed. 1657-1724; Huaud, Jean-Pierre, attributed. 1655-1723

Miniature: Portrait of Grand Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich

Rockstuhl, Alois Gustav. 1798-1877

Mosaic 'Alexander I's Maneuvers'

Wekler, Georg Ferdinand. 1800-1861


There are 5302 works of art in this category

Esau Selling His Birthright to Jacob

Portrait of Nikita Muravyov

View of the Old Arsenal on Liteiny Prospekt

Galaktionov, Stepan. 1778/79-1854

The Adoration of the Magi

Portrait of Peter the Great

Bobrov, Viktor. 1842-1918

The Phoenix or The Statue Overthrown. B.110

Portrait of Count A.V. Adlerberg

Unknown lithographer

Portrait of Academician Leonard Euler

Stenglin, Johann. 1710/15-1776


View of the Newly-Built Chambers Opposite the Anichkov Gates from the Eastern Side

Vasilyev, Yakov. 1730-1760

View of the Louvre. First Sheet

Callot, Jaques. 1592-1635

Portrait of Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich

Chevalier, François Frédéric. 1812-1849

The Pharisee and the Publican

Self-Portrait of Philippe de Champaigne

Edelinck, Gérard. 1640-1707

Sheet 17: Okajima Yasoemon

Portrait of General F.V. Osten-Sacken

Anonymous printmaker